Who are Resilience Learning Partnership (RLP)

Resilience Learning Partnership is a lived experience led organisation. 

We work alongside organisations to help them explore and understand the role of lived experience when implementing Trauma Informed Practice (TIP).

Our work includes; strategic and leadership support, education and training, awareness raising sessions and various types of project work.

Resilience Learning Partnership Alloa
Resilience Learning Partnership Alloa

“Resilience Learning Partnership’s workshop was clear, concise and effective at allowing the opportunity to reflect on trauma informed practice with other professionals.”

Trauma Informed Practice Training Participant

“I really value the approach that RLP provide. They clearly value the importance of participation with communities of lived experience but are always mindful of ensuring that participation is safe, meaningful and supported.”

Paul Sullivan

Sector Engagement Lead

How We Do What We Do

At Resilience Learning Partnership we bring together our lived, learned and professional experiences to do what we do.

RLP Staff in training Matt & Celeste

How We Do What We Do

It is our responsibility to those who work at Resilience Learning Partnership to ensure their well-being is not only considered and thought about but that it is also planned for and protected.

I am acutely aware of the necessity of the role of people with lived experience in the design, development and delivery of services becoming trauma informed including the training packages. We have found absolutely invaluable the support, input, hard work and wisdom that we have benefited from our involvement with RLP.

Dr Sandra Ferguson

Associate Director: Psychology at NHS Education for Scotland

Resilience Learning Partnership News

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Roadmap for creating Trauma-Informed and responsive change:

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