We won!

Building Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Justice Award

This award recognises that social justice is fundamental to the social enterprise movement. This category considers those social enterprises that are addressing issues around diversity, inclusion, and equity.

What is social enterprise?

Social Enterprises are businesses that trade for a social or environmental purpose in order to benefit their people and communities, with the majority of profits being used to further their mission. 

Social Enterprises play a significant role in the UK economy, contributing to a number of important societal developments and breaking down barriers to employment.

A growing number provide job opportunities for individuals facing challenges such as disability, homelessness or involvement with the criminal justice system.

Social Enterprises show that business can be a force for good and positive social impact can be achieved alongside financial success. It reflects a commitment to values-driven social entrepreneurship and a dedication to creating a more equitable future for all.

Why RLP opted to be a social enterprise

We decided to create RLP as a Social Enterprise rather than go down the traditional charity route because…well, we believe there is another way to provide the service we do.

Social Enterprises feed into local and national economies, have better sustainability and have more flex and freedom than a charity does.

We also feel that being a Social Enterprise first and foremost is empowering- we are not asking for funding without generating funds ourselves. 

Only 40% of our income comes from ‘funding’ sources. 60% comes from funds we generate ourselves through the services we sell- training, workshops, implementation support and bespoke project work.

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