Our strategy

The RLP team worked together to develop a set of values that will guide the way that we work with each other, with participants and with our partners.

Our values


Caring about the feelings, wishes and the rights of those around us.


Acting truthfully, and honestly and striving to do things to the best of our ability.


Listening to and recognising the value in the experiences of those around us without judgement.

We prioritised these values due to the essential nature that they play in sustaining the positive culture within the organisation and their importance for those that we work with. They will guide our behaviours and actions over the coming strategy period and we commit to reflecting on our collective and individual demonstration of these in our work.

Our vision

People with lived experience are valued and are thriving. They are supported by authentic and meaningful relationships within safe, nurturing environments. They are at the heart of public policy, decision making and service design.

Our mission

As a lived experience led organisation, we will influence positive changes across Scotland enabling services to better engage and support people with lived experience.

Our priorities and commitments

Realising aspirations

Discovering hope or ambition to achieve personal goals

Building social capital

Creating a sense of belonging and nurturing connections ​

Influencing change

Working with other organisations to improve the way that they deliver support and services

“I just wanted to say this is fantastic and the most human and relatable strategic plan I have ever seen! In particular, I really admire the way success measures are outlined with dignity. Well done to everyone who has been involved.”

Whitney Barrett

CEO Wellbeing Scotland