Nicki Peachey, Projects Officer at resilience learning partnership

Nicki Peachey

Project Officer

TIER Facilitator

Nicki is a Project Officer at Resilience Learning Partnership working across various projects including facilitating on our TIER Pathway, a 24-week pathway for people with lived experience of trauma which is coproduced with participants. She also facilitates on our focus groups, across areas including health, policy, and service design to ensure people with lived experience have an equal part in decision making, in the creation of new policies and in service design. Nicki is part of a team that organised Coffee and Connect, a space for people who work in the sector across Forth Valley to join and share ideas, build relationships, and collaborate with others.

Nicki returned to education in 2016, where her study and working within communities created a passion for further knowledge, particularly igniting interest in roles where she could work alongside people with lived experience of psychological trauma. She is passionate about the value of positive relationships, trauma informed approaches to communication, collaboration and people having the space to be creative and work how they feel most comfortable.