We are Resilience Learning Partnership

Working with private, public and third sector organisations, Resilience Learning Partnership delivers bespoke training and education programmes, collaborates on research and feeds into strategic planning with a focus on lived experience and psychological trauma.

Our work emphasises the invaluable knowledge and insight that people with lived experience can provide, and how this can be used to effect meaningful change and widen perception and understanding of lived experience.

Lived experience refers to a representation of the experiences and choices of a given person, and the knowledge that they gain from these experiences and choices.

Resilience Learning Partnership

What is Lived Experience?

Experiences that arise from situations that one may find themselves in, by choice or by circumstance, lead to knowledge and wisdom that we term ‘lived experience‘. While widely associated with trauma, lived experience can be derived from any multitude of life events, including ones upbringing, experiences of statutory services, health conditions, etc.

What We Do

Primarily Resilience Learning Partnership is an education and training provider offering a range of services like bespoke workshops and training programmes for clients and partners. However, RLP also undertake a wide range of projects that align with the core themes of our work, such as our Crafty Kids Project.

Themes of Our Work

The core themes of our work centre around lived experience, domestic abuse, violence against women and children, psychological trauma, community justice, recovery from addiction, and more.


Lived Experience • Lived Expertise • Experts by Experience

Workshops & Training

We can deliver a range of workshops and training sessions tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.


Our work includes research within subjects directly related to our core themes of work, and our ongoing projects.

Corporate Parenting Training

Our Corporate Parenting training covers the legal duties and responsibilities towards care experienced people public bodies have.


Resilience Learning Partnership offer a range of consultancy services for statutory / public sector organisations.

Project Work

Resilience Learning Partnership can deliver and collaborate on a range of project-based activities and programmes.

Trauma Aware/Informed Training (TIER 1)

We deliver a variety of Trauma Aware / Informed training sessions. Our upcoming TIER programme will focus on getting individuals work/education ready.


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