Lorna Robertson

Social Media Volunteer

After being made redundant in early 2020 and finding it difficult to find a new job, I wanted to find an organisation to volunteer for that was doing exciting work and making a real difference to the community, while also giving me an opportunity to develop my employability skills.

I have now been supporting RLP with their social media channels since September and it has been a brilliant experience – and I’ve learned so much more than just managing social media. I’ve learned about trauma and what it is to be trauma informed. It’s a testament to how dedicated Shumela and the team are in their work, to invest time and effort into making sure their volunteers have just as much knowledge as their paid employees.

Being part of RLP gave me a real sense of purpose and helped me find the confidence to secure employment within the third sector just six weeks later. I continue to volunteer with RLP and have been lucky enough to find a short course to learn more about trauma, starting in January. I can’t wait to see where RLP goes next and get the word out across our social media platforms. 

Resilience Learning Partnership

Resilience Learning Partnership is training and education provider, specialising in psychological trauma & lived experience.

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