Lee McCrossan

TIER Facilitator

After leaving school at 16 and dropping out of Sixth Form, I decided to work full time until I figured out what I wanted to do in life. After 5 years, 3 different jobs and a lot of lived experience under my belt, I decided I wanted to get back into further education and found myself looking at college courses with the goal of getting into university to study teaching. 

My love for education and ambitions of becoming a teacher stem from the satisfaction I get from helping others. Mainly specialising in mathematics, I started helping my sisters with their homework, moving on to neighbour’s children, friends of the family from all ages and a lot of my college peers enlisted my tutoring, some of those are on the TIER team themselves! Whilst at college, we were introduced to Shumela who was working with our English teacher and I was really impressed with how she conducted herself. I found her very friendly and approachable, wanting to help us out with anything she could offer (which she most certainly did!) and she definitely left a positive mark on us as a group.  

During my second year of University, I got a call from Shumela asking if I would like to be involved in a project she was looking to deliver to people who want to better themselves. After briefing me I was on board with no hesitation. The TIER programme aims to point people in the right direction, build a solid foundation for achievement and success while getting the necessary support where needed. Going through training and learning about trauma informed practice has really opened my eyes to understanding other people’s misfortunes and begin to think of ways to improve their experiences.  

Currently half way through my third year of a busy university degree, I find myself more motivated to achieve my goals thanks to my experience with TIER. I hope to expand my knowledge of education and teaching in ways to benefit people of all ages and ability, taking into account their health and wellbeing whilst empowering them to be the best version of themselves.

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