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TIER Facilitator

I left school with a couple of highers at 16 and started teaching full time for swimming lesson companies for 14 years. I have had the pleasure of working with many different people over the years, as colleagues and as customers. I had been a swimming teacher for so long that some of my previous students became my colleagues when they were old enough. I worked with children of varying abilities and adults too. As much as I loved teaching the young kids, I always felt more fulfilment from teaching the older children and adults. I enjoyed the level of engagement you’d get from them and seeing their determination to learn a new skill was always rewarding too. 

I eventually decided that I wanted to challenge myself and my abilities further by finally pursuing a degree in psychology. I had wanted to do this since high school but never felt “academic” enough to cope. So back in 2017, I got a strong urge to apply to an access course at Forth Valley College. This is where I met a few of my peers from Resilience Learning Partnership (although I didn’t know it yet). This is also when I met Managing Director of RLP, Shumela, for the first time. Cut to about a year and a half later and I was reunited with Shumela who asked me if I would be interested in joining her team and become a facilitator for TIER. I was very excited at the thought of working with adults again but in a different capacity, so I did not hesitate to say yes, absolutely! 

I am currently in my third year at Stirling University studying psychology and I am excited to apply my learning of Trauma Informed Practice to my studies. I also have a passion for mental health awareness and feel bringing my own personal experiences and, perhaps, learning about other people’s experiences will help spread the importance of mental health awareness. 

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