Hayley MacDonald

TIER Facilitator

I first became involved with RLP thought the Crafty Kids project where my wife Julie and I volunteered delivering boxes throughout lockdown. Due to lockdown we both had a lot of free time and were looking for something meaningful to do and it was such a fantastic thing to be involved in at a time when we could all use a bit more connection. Shumela then told us about the TIER Pathway and we were both really keen to get involved.

My usual job is a freelance dance, Pilates and yoga teacher and I’ve been teaching various things for over 15 years. I’ve taught from preschool to HND students at studios, community centres, colleges and now online. I have huge interest in physical and mental wellbeing and finding things that can make people feel a little lighter and brighter.From working with community art groups, I know how powerful it can be to use creative activities as a vehicle for exploring lots of different things such as confidence, communication, working with others and just to make sense of our thoughts and feelings.

I love working with people and this is one of the things I’ve missed the most this past year.  I am particularly excited that the TIER Pathway is co-produced with the participants, making it specific and unique to the individuals attending.  So far I’ve loved working with the other TIER facilitators to plan some ideas we can bring to the the first group and I know we’re all excited about actually being in the room together.

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