Ewelina Dytrych (Evie)

TIER Facilitator

I moved to Scotland in 2013, from Poland, shortly after I completed a degree in Graphic Design. I had a keen interest in psychology and decided I wanted to pursue this as degree in this country. I am currently a third-year Psychology student at the University of Stirling. I have had my own struggles with depression (on and off) since I was 16, so I never felt “suitable” or “academic” enough to study Psychology. However, in 2016 I decided to apply to the ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) course at Forth Valley College to work on my English. In 2017 I applied to an access course, also at Forth Valley College, even though I knew it was above my language abilities (Scottish accents can be challenging at times 😊).   

I was determined to push myself and get out of my comfort zone. It was a great decision; I simply loved my class for being so welcoming and supportive! This is where I met Shumela, Managing Director of Resilience Learning Partnership, for the first time. About a year and a half later, Shumela approached myself and some of my peers from the access course to ask if we would be interested in joining her team. I didn’t hesitate to say yes immediately as I knew it would be a great opportunity to gain new experiences and learn about Trauma Informed Practice.   

I believe that people have the capacity to overcome anything, especially their mental health issues and traumatic experiences. If they can surround themselves with people they TRUST and feel SAFE with, they can be offered a CHOICE to open up in a non-judgemental environment. This can lead to the opportunity to COLLABORATE with others, meaning it is only a matter of time before they become EMPOWERED to make their own decisions. Everyone has so much to offer, they just need to realise their own potential. I am looking forward to working and helping people grow within the TIER pathway!  

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